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Monday, February 9, 2009

Part of Materials

The old Bubungan Tinggi House, estimated to have existed for tens year.........
Materials and Labors
a. The materials needed to build Bubungan Tinggi House are:
• Galam wood and Kapur Naga wood. These two kinds of wood are usually used for a house foundation. The foundation is the vital part in Bubungan Tinggi House construction. Bubungan Tinggi House is usually built in marshy and muddy area, so this foundation must be strong and sturdy to avoid getting rotten when it is buried inside the marsh or mud. Therefore, they use Galam or Kapur Naga wood. These two kinds of wood have uniqueness. They can resist until 70 years if they are buried in marshy area, and 60 years in dry area.
• Ulin wood. This wood is known to be durable, water resistance, and heat resistance. Ulin wood is usually used as pillars, sticks, gelagar (bamboo split used as the base of a seat), pegs, floors, watun barasuk, doors and window frames, and rafters of a roof.
• Lanan wood. This wood is usually used to build wall.
• White resin wood. This wood is usually used for gelagar, turus tawing, balabat, titian tikus, bujuran sampaian, and riing.
• Metroxylon sagus leaves. They are used for roof.
• Paring (bamboo). It is used to build palupuh halayung wall and hanau. Besides, Paring is also used to build floor on padu or pambayuan.
b. Labors
The construction of Bubungan Tinggi House needs expert labors who must have not only skills to build a strong and durable house but also spiritual skills so the built house can give peacefulness for the owners. In Bubungan Tinggi House, the expert labors are helped by ordinary labors/servants to work together, such as soil digging for the foundation and the assembly of the roof.

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