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Monday, February 2, 2009


"Banjar" in formal word is banjarese i think this word is already familiar especially with malay civilization..This in 1 of etnic in south kalimantan indonesia..Then in malaysia there part of our country have banjar ethnic sabak bernam at selangot,trluk intan in perak and batu pahat johor.. This things happen because a few hundreds ago a lot of them travelled to many places in malay archipelago...
So what they have in architecture??
In this case i would like tell more about rumah banjar sometime it also known as "rumah bubungan tinggi or rumah ba'anjung"the most famous house in south kalimantan..a few years ago this house is basic for palace in old kingdom
Hence, there are houses with this type of architecture all over South Kalimantan, and even crossing the borders of Central Kalimantan and East Kalimantan. This type of house, of course, took more money than the usual house, so it was naturally the house of the rich....Nowadays people more interest to build bumbungan tinggi although it takes a lot of money to build whose love to culture value sometime like my lecterer ask sometimes we need look back a few year ago nowadays its hard to have it..

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