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Monday, February 9, 2009

more to bubungan tinggi house

(Bubungan Tinggi is the Kings’ room
Palimasan is the jewelry room
Balai Laki is the aristocrats’ room
Balai Bini is the princesses’ room
Gajah Manyusu is the princes’ room)
Thus, it is clear that Bubungan Tinggi House is the Kings’ residence. Later on, Bubungan Tinggi House is not only possessed by Sultans but also people who are quite wealth, such as the merchants. In this case, there is a change in socio-economic layer. The socio-economic layer was once determined by descendant, nowadays it is determined by wealth. The more wealthy the owner is, the more glorious house he builds.
The wisdom of Banjar society in facing the natural condition can also be seen on the construction of Bubungan Tinggi House. The marshy condition on the river side ,which became the first place where Banjar traditional house appeared, forces the builders to overcome all the natural condition. Through a very long empiric experience, the architecture of Bubungan Tinggi House finally finds the solution. They adapted with such situation by forming foundation, pillars, and sticks that fit the situation. Beside those elements, the selection of the building materials (wood) also showed how Banjar society could handle those geographical problems, such as the use of Kapur Naga or Galam wood as the foundation. Although it is buried inside the mud, Kapur Naga or Galam wood can resist until 70 years.

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