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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Banjar House

Before this i already tell about banjar house and others in this issue i prefer to focus on bubungan tinggi house 1 of the famous type in banjar house..Like i have already tell before this bubungan tinggi is constitutes as palace also..Previously this house has rectangle-shape construction which stretched to the front.Further the stretching rectangle shaped got additional building left and right sides..the additional buildings seemed to stick on the original buildings pisang sasikat and protruded to the outside. Besides, additional room was also built at the back of the house which also had the same measurement (disumbi).

In the further development, there are more buildings built not only around the sultanate but also in other areas which imitated the form of Bubungan Tinggi House. Since the architecture of this house has been adopted by all people in Banjarmasin, Bubungan Tinggi House does not become the special characteristic of sultanate (palace), but it has become special characteristic of Banjar society’s house.

The existence of Bubungan Tinggi House in South Kalimantan is not only as the identity of traditional building, but also as a reflection from the social-economic layer of the society and the implementation of Banjar people’s intelligence in facing the nature where they live. As the reflection of social layer, the existence of Bubungan Tinggi House can be seen on Banjar proverb below.

Bubungan Tinggi wadah Raja-raja

Palimasan wadah Emas Perak

Balai Laki wadah Penggawa Mantri

Balai Bini wadah Putri Gusti-Gusti

Gajah Manyusu wadah Nanang-Nanangan,

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