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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11 question on 1.11.11

SOMEONE give me the 11 question and i answer it on 1.11.2o11 phewww!!! i dh jawab nie u...huhu ('',)

1.What is your status now?Single or taken?
mesti lah single tp..hah mest lah tp hati cm dh kena rompak dh nie..hahaha sila pulang kan balik hahah

2.Where is your hometown and where do u live now?\
smallville where i come from..huhu kedah now live in shah alam

3.What's your bf/gf name?
suspect sedang di kenal pasti x confirm lg neyh ha...wanted tue

4.When do you expect to get married?
28 myb 29 insyallah

5.How many times do you break up with ur ex?
once only....=( (xda owg nak kot)

6.What is your weight and height?
48 and 169 dh lama x mengira plak...

7.What types of girl/boy do you attract?
supercool girl y tenang n penyabaq mcm lisa suri okay x hahaha apa2 pn okayh jea...

8.What kind of music do you prefer listening to?
smua okayh jea kcuali dangdut hahah mcm bruno mars jason myraz, muse tue!!

9.What brand of shirt/clothes do you wear?
at dis time tgh pkai baju tropicana haha janji smart sudaa armani ,nike pn suka hikhik nk tolong beli kah??

10.What is your jeans size?
semest nya lah kecik 29 or 30 depends lah byk advantage kot size nieh hahah

11.Place you want to go?
at dis moment nk balik rumah haha insyallah mekah al mukarramah and old trafford nk sgt p nehh

p/s:macam jawab exam nieh...hah here you go baca lah klo nk taw!!!hehe